Fundamentals of Aromatherapy Massage Quiz

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Which term best describes Essential Oils?

In the context of Aromatherapy, what does the word volatile mean?

Which of the following is NOT a method of extracting essential oils?

Essential oils that are obtained by adding a solvent to plant material are called what?

_____________ is a costly and labor-intensive method of extracting oils from delicate flowers like roses and jasmine. Sheets of glass are coated with purified fat. Freshly cut flower petals are layered on top of the fat and are left there for 24 hours. After that the flowers are removed and another layer of flower petals replace them. This is repeated every day for 2-3 weeks.

___________ extraction uses highly pressurized CO2 to remove the essential oils.

The _________ stage takes place first and corresponds with the most volatile, unstable aroma compounds of the oil.

As the_______________ progresses the base notes become more and more noticeable because they consist of compounds that are slower to volatilize.

Essential oil constituents (chemical components) enter the body primarily through a process called ___________________, which occurs as the essential oil volatizes, air molecules enter the nose, binds with receptors and signals are sent to the Olfactory bulbs.

How can aromatherapy be used in a massage practice?

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