Fundamentals of Geriatric Massage Quiz

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5) It has been estimated that_______ of the population in the United States and Canada will be aged 65 years and older by 2025.

6) Genetic theories of aging propose that aging is programmed within each individual's__________.

7) According to this theory, older adults and society engage in a mutual separation from each other. An example of mutual separation is retirement from the workforce.

8) _________theories of aging suggest that aging is bodily decline that results from an accumulation of elements.

9) Geriatric massage uses the same basic massage techniques as a ______ massage.

10) A geriatric massage session usually lasts no longer than __________.

11) The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that_____ of people over age 65 have at least one chronic health condition.

12) Which of the following is a common medical condition that an elderly client may have?

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