Massage Therapy Roles and Boundaries Quiz

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5) Central to the nature of the therapeutic relationship is the belief that ________________________________________.

6) _____________________is an ethical view that certain actions are absolutely right or absolutely wrong, regardless of other circumstances such as their consequences or the intentions behind them.

7) A _________________ is a moral law that is unconditional or absolute for all people, the truth of which cannot be disputed, no matter what justification you come up with for doing so.

8) Which of the following is NOT one of the four key principles listed on page 42 that are part of the medical codes of ethics of doctors and nurses and helped influence the ethical codes of massage therapy?

9) _________________ defines the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for the licensed individual.

10) The most important goal of _____________ is that the client has an
opportunity to make an informed decision about whether or not they wish to receive a massage treatment.

11) What is Transference in the context of massage ethics?

12) Which of the following is a symptom of possible Transference?

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