Transference and Countertransference Quiz

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5) In the context of massage therapy _____________ refers to redirection of a client's feelings for a significant person in their current life or past to the massage therapist.

6) __________________ is defined as redirection of a massage therapist's feelings toward a client, or more generally, as a massage therapist's emotional entanglement with a client.

7) What is the Drama Triangle?

8) Which of the following is not a role in the Drama Triangle?

9) What role is the massage therapist most likely to play in the Drama Triangle?

10) Which of the following is NOT an indicator of possible Romantic/Erotic transference?

11) More common with physical therapists but still a factor for massage
practitioners, clients can transfer feelings of ________________ to their therapist when they are dealing with treatments that are uncomfortable.

12) A massage therapist that has fond feelings for a client because they remind him/her of a beloved family member, a good friend or a former mentor is ___________________________.

13) This type of sensory memory involves what we see.

14) This type of sensory memory involves what we feel.

15) This type of sensory memory involves what we hear

16) This type of sensory memory involves what we smell.

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