Continuity of Care in Massage Therapy Quiz

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6. What does the term Continuity of Care refer to in this course?
7. What kind of clients should we make arrangements for if we are going to be gone for a long period of time?
8. Which facet of continuity is expressed in recorded information like client preferences, and treatment notes?
9. _______________continuity refers to the implementation and monitoring of treatment schedules (not plans) for your client. This something a lot of massge therapists do but it is not compartmentalized in our practice the way it is in other fields.
10. When transferring a client to another massage therapist a face to face introduction can ease the anxiety of your client and grants the new therapist the benefit of receiving ___________ , meaning that the trust your client has for you will be transferred to them.
11. Another aspect of the continuity of care philosophy is the idea that medical professionals of different areas of expertise should work together for the benefit of their clients or patients. What is this called?
12. Massage therapists should offer to terminate treatment when/if it becomes reasonably clear that____________________________________
13. Calling a client the day after a session to see how they are doing, or the day before an appointment to remind them of it, demonstrates what facet of continuity?
14. How many steps are outlined in this course for the proper transfer of a client?
15. ________________are clearly established limits that allow for safe connections between massage therapists and their clients.
16. According to this course, what is the most common breach of Scope of Practice committed by massage therapists?
17. The moral theory known as ___________ wants us to believe that there is moral significance in human relationships, especially those that promote the well-being of care-givers and care-receivers.
18. You have probably heard the old saying "the ends justify the means", meaning that if a goal is morally important enough, any method of achieving it is acceptable. This is an extreme example of the idea of __________.
19. _____________is the theory that fundamental principles of right and wrong are based on agreements in society, rather than on an external reality. In other words, if society thinks it’s morally fine to do something, than it is morally fine to do.
20. The idea that everyone should do what is best for them, regardless of how it affects other people, is called ______________.

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