Do you need a Research course for your NCBTMB Board Certification? Here it is!

If you are applying for the new NCBTMB Board Certification there is a requirement for a research course. This online course was created to meet that specific requirement, and it’s only $25! 

Course Descriptioncover research
This course is designed to offer a detailed introduction to the world of academic and scientific research for the massage therapist. The purpose of this course is to help the reader build skills in finding, reading, evaluating and applying research to their massage practice.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this home study continuing education course, the massage practitioner should be able to:

Define the research terms included in the vocabulary (glossary) section of this course.
Describe the difference between a blind and double blind study.
List the different types of research designs.
List the steps of the scientific method.
Describe the peer review process of scientific literature.
Define the term “Impact factor” as it applies to scientific journals.
Describe the concept of “generalizability” and how it relates to sample size in medical research.
List three signs of “bad” research as detailed in this course.

Degree of Difficulty
Beginner/Entry Level

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