Florida Rules and Laws (10 CE hours)


Course Description
This course is intended to educate Florida licensed massage therapists about the laws and rules that regulate their profession. It is one of the required courses for initial licensure in Florida. If you are new to Florida or are a new massage therapist and you need the 10-hour course for your license this is the one you need.

Educational Objectives
Outline the requirements for renewing Florida massage licensure.
Identify the functions of the Florida Massage Therapy Board.
Define practice parameters of lawful massage therapy practice.
Identify actions that are grounds for disciplinary action.
Outline the penalties associated with unlawful conduct.
List exemptions to the Florida Massage Therapy Act
Discuss massage establishments, requisites, licensure and inspection
Name the civil proceedings that can be imposed
Define sexual misconduct.

Degree of Difficulty
Beginner/Entry Level

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