How to take our courses

Step 1. Pay for the course.

Step 2. Check your email. The email you are looking for is coming from the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute and looks like this:

Step 3. In this email is a link that reads “View your purchase online”. Click that.

Step 4. Click the blue download button to download the course as a .pdf document (ebook) OR Click the link that says “Read the Course on the website” if you do not want to download it.

Step 5. Take the quiz. If you downloaded the book, the link is in the table of contents. If you clicked “Take this course now” you will see the quiz link.

Step 6. After you pass the quiz, the quiz will disappear and you will see a congratulations message like this:

Step 7: Relax! You’re all done. If you passed the quiz I will be emailing your certificate of completion and updated transcript within 24 hours. If you have more courses to take you can do so, you do not have to wait.