Introduction to Meridians and Acupoints Quiz

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6. How many primary meridians are there in the body?
7. The Lung Meridian originates in the ___________, and runs downwards connecting with the large intestine.
8. The Large Intestine Meridian starts from the _________and runs between the thumb and the index finger.
9. The stomach Meridian is associated with what element?
10. The Urinary bladder Meridian is associated with what element?
11. The Gall bladder Meridian is associated with what element?
12. Where does the Kidney Meridian start?
13. Disharmony of __________________ can manifest as wheezing or coughing.
14. Disharmony of the ____________ leads to symptoms like abdominal distention, edema (swelling), urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, loss of hearing, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).
15. Disharmony of the _________________ leads to groin pain, chest fullness, urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, swelling of the lower abdomen and hernias.
16. In TCM, there are _______ basic questions that lead to one hundred more specific questions.
17. It is not uncommon for practitioners of Asian bodywork to include questions you don’t usually see on a classical massage questionnaire. This is called ____________.
18. If your client describes their overall energy level as low that indicates a _________.
19. If your client reports that they feel hot for no apparent reason that could be a sign that they have a __________.
20. If your client has no desire for fluids at all this is a sign of ______________.

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