Managing Dual Relationships Quiz

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6. Problems with dual relationships may be explained by our expectation of________________
7. Anytime a person that you knew prior to meeting them in your massage consultation is a _________________.
8. A ____________________ Dual Relationship can be a coworker or another service provider that you trade services or referrals with.
9. What is the most commonly talked about dual relationship?
10. If your massage client is married to your cousin what kind of dual relationship would it be?
11. What is the first dimension of the decision making model presented in this course?
12. What is the second dimension of the decision making model presented in this course?
13. What is the third dimension of the decision making model presented in this course?
14. How is Clarity of Termination different for massage therapists as opposed to other health care profesionals?
15. Above all, massage therapists should strive to create ___________ that protect clients and are not self-serving.
16. _____________is a psychological lack of attention and is not associated with any vision defects or deficits.
17. __________________is an inattentional blindness phenomenon in which the observer is too focused on instrumentation, task at hand, internal thought, etc. and not on the present environment.
18. The very phenomenon of inattentional blindness is defined by a lack of
___________ for the unattended stimulus.
19. Trouble begins when we no longer consider our professional relationships as _____.
20. Most ethics mistakes in massage therapy are ________.

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