Massage Business Bookkeeping Quiz

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If you click “Grade my quiz” and nothing happens it is because you missed a question. The Quiz will not submit unless EVERY question is answered, including the five at the top that collect the student information.

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5. Please enter your massage license number. If you do not have one, you may enter your NCBTMB certification number or just enter the number 0.
6. What percentage of massage therapists in the United States are self-employed?
7. What do Financial Statements tell you about your business?
8. Financial statements come as a pair: a balance sheet and an __________.
9. The Double Entry System requires two entries which exactly balance one another. Each entry has a left side -- these are called debits, and a right side -- these are called _______.
10. All your asset accounts (1000 series) are debit accounts, which means they are ________ numbers.
11. The liability accounts (2000 series) are all credit accounts and they are _________.
12. Strategic thinking requires you to envision what you want your ideal outcome to be for your business, then ____________ by focusing on the story of how you will be able to reach your vision.
13. The biggest stumbling block to accurate bookkeeping in the massage
industry is _______________________.
14. You have two choices of accounting method: cash and ________.
15. To develop a set of financial statements, you have to start with an outline of how you will organize the information. This outline is called your ___________.
16. What is the difference between direct and indirect expenses?
17. _________ are cash or things you can convert to cash readily, like inventory that could be sold, accounts receivable which you've billed for and should be in the mail, etc.
18. Liability Accounts, like assets, come in two types, ______ and ________.
19. Where would you file prepaid massages?
20. Where would you file Massage gift certificate sales?

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