Massage Therapy and TMJD (3 CE hours)


Course Description
This online massage therapy continuing education course will enable you to identify symptoms and know the different classifications of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (commonly called TMJD) and the primary causes of it. You will become familiar with the muscles involved with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and will be able to identify the most likely areas for painful trigger points, thus enabling you to provide safe and effective treatment.

Educational Objectives
Define the term Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD).
Identify the muscles around the Temporomandibular Joint.
List the bones of the Temporomandibular Joint.
Locate the Temporomandibular ligament.
List the suspected causes of TMJD.
Describe the symptoms experienced by clients suffering from TMJD.

Degree of Difficulty
Beginner/Entry Level

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