New “Hint” feature makes courses stress free

hintWho says learning has to be stressful? Not us that’s for sure.  We’re massage therapists first and foremost, and we are dedicated to stress reduction-just like you!

So how does our new “Hint” feature help you take our courses?

Well our courses are open book, which means you can have the book open while you are taking the test.

Is this cheating? No.

We give you A LOT of information in our courses.  You are paying for them and we want you to get your moneys worth, so each course is over 100 pages.  The NCBTMB requires that online courses be a certain length (250 words per minute of reading time) and we meet or exceed that standard with each course.  But this much information can be overwhelming, so sometimes you need some help. We don’t give you the answers, we just tell you where to look.

Why did we add the “Hint” feature?
We have never had problems with people passing our courses because the questions are taken directly from the books. But even though it is only three hours worth of reading it can be hard to remember exactly where you read that answer, and many of our students want to know they are submitting the right answer before they push that button.

It’s just our way of taking the hassle out of massage therapy continuing education.