Out-Call Safety Quiz

This page is the quiz for your continuing education course. Please answer all of the questions below then click the “Grade my quiz” button at the bottom of the page. If you are stuck, use the “Hint” link that appears under the question.

You must score 75% or higher to pass. The quiz is a pass/fail matrix and it stops counting points once you reach the passing threshold of 75% so the only score you will receive will be PASS or FAIL. It will tell you which ones you missed, however, so you can try again if you fail.

If you click “Grade my quiz” and nothing happens it is because you missed a question. The Quiz will not submit unless EVERY question is answered, including the five at the top that collect the student information.

Good luck!

1. Student name (as you would have it on your certificate/transcript):
2. We will not send a certificate of completion or an updated transcript unless we can confirm that someone paid for this course. Please tell us who paid for it, if it was you, enter your name. If it was someone else, please enter the name of the person (or the business name) that paid for you.
3. Please enter the email address you would like us to send your certificate of completion to.
4. Your complete physical address (Street, City, State, Zip Code). This is a requirement of the NCBTMB for your transcript. We will not mail you anything or share the address with anyone. This can be a business address or PO Box.
5. Please enter your massage license number. If you do not have one, you may enter your NCBTMB certification number or just enter the number 0.
6. What is a potential danger in performing chair massage at a corporate office?
7. What can you do to minimize risks involved with onsite chair massage?
8. What is the advantage for the client in outcall massage?
9. What is the advantage for the practitioner in outcall massage?
10. Why should the practitioner research the legality of outcall massage in their local area?
11. What kind of client might prefer outcall massage?
12. What is the first step in safely conducting an outcall?
13. Which of the following has been used as a euphemistic phrase to infer sexual favors without actually stating their request?
14. When receiving calls from a potential client, questions about your ________ are totally inappropriate.
15. Why should you make a note of the telephone number of someone that calls asking for inappropriate services?
16. How could a massage therapist injure his/herself doing an outcall massage?
17. If you are visiting a work area you should seek out the least trafficked area to set
up your chair or table. This will not only reduce the chance of an accident, but it
will also ______________
18. Why is it a good idea to have a friend or coworker on a cellphone with you when you arrive at a client's door?
19. Why should you not accept a drink offered by a client at their home during an out-call massage?
20. Fighting back if attacked will increase your chance of _________________-.

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IT WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE CERTIFICATE NOW, even if you pass. I (the approved provider) will EMAIL YOU the certificate within 24 hours after I make sure that you paid and everything looks correct.

PLEASE BE PATIENT. "Click Grade my quiz!" Once and give it a moment to produce results.