Prevention of Medical Errors Quiz

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6. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) medical errors result in how many injuries to hospital patients?
7. At what point in the health care delivery system are errors likely to occur?
8. How does the IOM report define an error?
9. Research on why humans make errors (Reason, 1990) has identified two types of errors: active errors and ___________.
10. What does the acronym RCA stand for?
11. Which of the following is a population of special vulnerability?
12. What is the goal of a Root Cause Analysis?
13. What must be included in a credible RCA?
14. An Institute of Medicine report estimated that medical errors are estimated to result in about between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable deaths and _______excess injuries each year in the United States.
15. Medical errors are associated with _____________.
16. A __________ is an injury caused by medical management rather than the underlying condition of the patient.
17. ________tend to occur at the level of the individual and their effects are felt almost immediately.
18. ___________are more likely to be beyond the control of the individual, that is, errors in system design, faulty installation or maintenance of equipment, or ineffective organizational infrastructure.
19. Research has shown that certain factors can increase the error rate such as___________________________________.
20. How many types of reports are required by The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration?

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