Massage for the Laboring Woman

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6. How can massage help reduce depression in pregnant women?
7. What effects did massage have on the fetuses according to the study done by the University of Miami School of Medicine?
8. Why do pregnant women experience sciatic pain?
9. What percentage of women complain of back pain during pregnancy?
10. What causes the back pain experienced by pregnant women?
11. Why are many massage therapists taught to not perform massage during a woman’s first trimester?
12. What factor should a massage therapist be prepared for during the first trimester?
13. When should you start modifying the position of a pregnant woman?
14. Why should you avoid the supported reclining position in the second half of pregnancy?
15. As she approaches her due date, she may feel that the baby has dropped, settling deeper into her pelvis in preparation for labor and delivery. This natural step in carrying a child is called _________.
16. Throughout her second and third trimesters of pregnancy, she may experience occasional, painless contractions — a sensation that her uterus is tightening and relaxing. They’re especially noticeable when she places her hand on her abdomen. These are called ___________________, and they’re her body’s way of warming up for labor.
17. What is prodromal labor?
18. What massage techniques are useful during the prodromal stage?
19. How can you use a chair to perform massage on a laboring woman?

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