Tenets of Zen Shiatsu

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6. Who was the founder of Shiatsu?
7. The Zen Shiatsu practitioner practices ___________ in order to attain enlightenment through understanding their basic nature, and to develop an attunement with their own body.
8. The organ that is affected by excessive joy is the__________.
9. ___________can cause problems for the lungs, which brings in qi through breathing.
10. Grief that is not expressed and is allowed to remain dormant can become a problem, creating a disharmony in the _______ and disrupting the flow of qi through the body.
11. Zen Shiatsu also teaches us that ____________, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs impact your qi and affect your health and well-being.
12. One of the core beliefs of Zen Shiatsu is that our mind-body connection is deeply rooted in the ______________, and so the movement of energy in our body affects our emotions.
13. The main concept behind Zen Shiatsu massage is that __________________.
14. Because “Zen” is a religious word, this form of treatment was not called “Zen” Shiatsu in Japan. It is a type of treatment called ____________.
15. A difference between Masunaga's Zen Shiatsu and earlier forms of Shiatsu is that Zen Shiatsu ____________________________.
16. The practitioner must be in a _______________ to convey comfort to the recipient.
17. Use ____________ rather than pressure.
18. Techniques should be executed with a _____________ penetration without side-to-side motion.
19. The focus of the therapy is to treat an __________, not just individual points or regions.
20. The Zen Shiatsu practitioner maintains ______on the recipient's body.

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